Monday, October 23, 2017

The Elevator Horror

The Brazilian TV show Programa Silvio Santos pulls an elevator prank that would have lawsuits flying in the US. It's terrifying to watch, and even worse for the unsuspecting elevator riders. (via Uproxx)

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Merely Canadian

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Truck vs. Bridge

The infamous site 11foot8 monitors the underpass on Gregson Street in Durham, North Carolina. Last weekend, another truck driver did not heed the sign warning of the 11 foot eight inch clearance, nor the flashing lights. They ran the red light, too, so the driver may just be blind, or at least oblivious. You get to see the carnage from two angles, plus slow-motion. And it's a rental truck, so the driver will have some 'splainin' to do. (via Boing Boing)

Get a Manson

Laughing at His Misery

Have you ever done something so stupid that you didn't want anyone to know, but you had to ask for help anyway? This guy has to out up with laughter and humiliation to get his problem solved. The real punch line is that this comic was inspired by a real life story. But instead of one trusted geek, he was the target of hundreds of laughing geeks. At least he used a throwaway account for this one post. Maybe he imagined that those who laughed the hardest would one day face their own kind of embarrassing mistake. This is the latest comic from CommitStrip.  

The Walking Gingerbread

Sesame Street brings us another parody, this time putting the Muppets into a scenario that will remind you of The Walking Dead. The style is there, but the zombies are bad cookies called crumbies, their prey is the good cookies (which is redundant), and the sheriff is Cookie Monster. That leads to some issues, as you might guess. The YouTube release of this video is well-timed, because the season of gingerbread temptation is coming up soon. Oh yeah, and The Walking Dead season eight begins tonight. (via Uproxx)


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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Become a Better Golfer

The Return of Dracula

This film from 1958 stars Francis Lederer as Dracula. From Wikipedia:
It is set in a small town in California in the 1950s, where Count Dracula arrives in the form of an artist named Belak Gordal (Lederer) who has traveled from Europe to visit his cousin, Cora Mayberry (Greta Granstedt). The story revolves around his interaction with Cora's daughter, Rachel (Eberhardt).[2]

When shown on television, it was sometimes titled Curse of Dracula.[2] In the U.K it was released theatrically as The Fantastic Disappearing Man.[3] Later in 1958, the film Horror of Dracula appeared in theaters in both the UK and the U.S., and The Return of Dracula would have a lack of attention due to Christopher Lee's new stardom as the Count.

Now, THAT's Evil

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Master Tambourine Skills

Japanese TV is a treasure. In this performance, tambourine master Gonzo shows off his stuff on the variety show Gaki No Tsukai. This is actually the portion of the show in which the celebrity panel in the audience is charged with keeping a straight face. The punishment came because they couldn't help but laugh. Gonzo's partner in the act is one of the show's producers. Gonzo went on to perform on the show Asia's Got Talent, where he got a standing ovation. (via reddit)



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The Quest to End Aging

If you could decide how long you want to live, how would you answer? The longer your life is, the more likely you will spend the later years in illness and disability. Would it be worth it to add years on the end, or could we ever stop the effects of aging? This is a two-part video; the first part by Kurzgesagt, the second by C.G.P. Grey. That what they tell us, although they could easily work as two videos by two different video producers on two different subjects.l  

The idea of living a lot longer than we do now opens up some philosophical questions. Would longer lives make us wiser, better community members, or encourage us to take better care of our planet? Or would it lead us to take time for granted? C.G.P. Grey looks at death and the meaning of life.

So what if we could conquer death? What would be the downside? (via Laughing Squid)

Poe Quote

The Haunted Toaster

June O'Brien tells the tale of her toaster possessed by the devil on the Today Show in 1985. (via The Daily What)

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